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Carter County Health Dept. addresses Health Related Issues


CARTER COUNTY, OK-- Several leaders and organizations attended a community health improvement plan meeting held by the carter county health department.

"We have problems in Carter County and the surrounding communities that involve obesity and lack of mental health treatment for people who can't afford it and we just all need to come together and figure out a solution," said resident Dona Walton.

Different representatives from several organizations like emergency management, Mercy hospital and United Way were there to voice their opinions

Although several people were representing their organization, several say the issues are also important to them personally.

"If I were going to pick a single one myself I would pick drug abuse because that one leads to so many others," said Tobi Ervin, United Way, Southern Oklahoma.

"I think we really have to start addressing childhood obesity. We've got to realize that our children truly are our future and we've got to bring them to that future as healthy as we can," said Walton.

Once the topics were discussed everyone had the opportunity to vote on the issues they were most passionate about.

Obesity topped everyone's focus list as it came in as the main concern for residents in Carter County.

Substance abuse, adverse childhood events, mental health and resources were also amongst the list.

Officials with the Carter County Health Department say they're going to work hard to make sure these issues get the attention they need. 

"We put together team members from each of these priorities and they will be working over the next 6 months developing task force to address those issues and to make sure that we have plans, goals, objectives, to guide our plan for the future," said Mendy Spohn, Carter County Health Department Administrator.