Austin College Students Invest $1 Million of Money in the Stock - - No One Gets You Closer

Austin College Students Invest $1 Million of Money in the Stock Market


SHERMAN, TX -- Students at Austin College are learning how to manage money in the stock market and they have 1 million dollars of actual money invested.

They are competing in a national competition which covers their financial performance for the previous year.

In the competition, the Austin College students performance will be compared to that of other colleges throughout the United states and Canada.   

Their professor says the students made an 11% gain on the money invested last year.

"This is a wonderful experience for the students because they actually have the responsibility of managing a million dollars and they have the authority to make decisions on it. So the only thing we do is pass the decisions on to a group of financial advisors who provide advice to us but never interfere with the decisions the students make," says David Griffith, a Professor of Business Administration at Austin College.

The students say the experience they are gaining is so beneficial.

"Going to this competition I feel that we actually get to gain some insight from professionals who own huge investments, or portfolio investments and what they think are the right decisions and how the economy is going to do. Everyone has their own opinions but being able to hear the opinions of these huge professionals in the financial world, ... It is very beneficial for us," says Marisa Rodriguez, a student at Austin College.

"If we lose this money that's coming out of our endowment, but at the same time every dollar that we raise through wise investing goes towards scholarship funds so we are able by increasing the amount of money in this fund we are able to help future students attend Austin college and get the same experiences we have," says Will Griffith another student at Austin College.