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Army Corps Give KTEN Water Safety Award


DENISON, TX -- The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers takes lake safety very seriously and they say getting the word out is of utmost importance in their efforts.

Today the Corp came by our news station and awarded us a certificate of appreciation for our coverage of water safety.

They explained in 2011, 32 deaths happened across the Tulsa district in area lakes and last year 2012 with our help they were able to cut that number in half.  

"Two years ago was the worst year that our district had had ever. And our district covers 3 states Kansas, Oklahoma, and northern part of Texas and we had 32 fatalities in one year. And there were just some tragic, tragic accidents and down here in Texoma there were really a lot of them. We had families that were impacted, children that were killed. Last year we cut that number in half," explains Michael Teague, Colonel, U.S. Army Commanding.

The Corp appreciates our efforts in getting the word out to the public about water safety. And we thank them for their support. Together we hope to cut the number of deaths in half again.