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Ardmore Resident Raises Donations for Good Cause


ARDMORE, OK-- People say you can never judge a person unless you've walked a mile in their shoes, and one Ardmore man knows firsthand how that feels.

Now he wants to help raise donations for the "Walk a mile in my shoes" campaign.

Jimmy John is a former foster care child and says he knows firsthand what it feels like to have to move around all your life with nothing to call your own.

"When I was in foster care I remember it was just me and a black heavy trash bags," said John.

Now John wants to do anything he can to help raise awareness about foster care. He's taking donations of luggage's, tooth brushes, and toys for the "Walk a mile in my shoes" campaign.

"Walk a mile in my shoes is pretty much a symbolism of how many times a kid has to move, and I knew that, 100% felt that, and went through that several times," said John.

Statistics show that more than 9,000 children in Oklahoma are in foster care.

John said he wants to help bring a sense of ownership to children who are constantly on the move with nothing to call their own.

"Far too often whenever a police officer or a D.H.S official is there to take a child, they don't have something to immediately give that child for comfort," said John.
The "Walk a Mile in My shoes" walk will take place in Oklahoma City on April 27th at the Mickey Mantle Plaza at the Bricktown Ball Park at 9:00 a.m.

The participation is free, but registration is required. To register or to donate, visit

To donate locally in Ardmore, contact Jimmy John at (580)-226-2261.