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Items Go Missing From Storage Units Near Denison


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Keeping his personal possessions in a storage facility near Denison has led to a man looking for answers, after his stuff disappeared.

Sherman resident Doug Grant says he lost several items, and the owner of a neighboring storage unit was also burglarized.  The owner of the storage place told them he knew exactly where they could find their missing belongings.

Grant says he used to own two units at Highway 84 Storage near Denison, until one day a couple months ago when the owner told him someone had broken in.

"He come and cut the lock off and when I got in there I noticed that all my Christmas and Halloween decorations were missing, my furniture was missing. This was the only furniture left in there -- this couch," says Grant.

Grant says he found some of his items at a re-sale shop on South Armstrong in Denison. "I told them to go look for their stuff there, and they went there and they found their stuff," says storage facility owner Tim Crow.

"I was looking around, I had my grandsons with me and they said, 'Papa, that's yours! Papa, that's yours!" says Grant. "The guy asked me he said, 'How you doing today?' and I said, 'Not so good, I want to know why you got all my stuff in your building.'"

KTEN stopped by the store several times but there's been no one here. When we called the phone number for the store, and asked the woman who answered if she knew anything about the missing items, she told us repeatedly, 'No!' When you call that phone number now, it's been disconnected.

"It surprised me them coming up here, accusing them of stealing, but considering they buy and sell and trade a bunch of stuff, it wouldn't be a surprise that they did come across a stolen item," says landlord Jason Earnhart.

Denison police say they arrested the same people who are listed as the shop owners, Arman Cicek and Tyranie Cicek, at 1 a.m. on March 21 for a charge of burglary of a building.

"They were in the process of removing some items from the old Katy Antique shop on East Main Street," says police Lt. Mike Eppler, adding they were caught with stolen tools. "The male suspect allegedly had an asp baton, an expandable baton. which is a prohibited weapon."

Meantime, Earnhart says he is evicting the shop for back rent, and will sell off the items inside. Grant says he is still looking for some items.

"He gave me some of my grandkids' cars that I been saving. Not all of them, but he promised me I would get everything back and I still haven't got everything back."

Grant says the most expensive thing taken was a toy car collection. Deputies say they have been investigating a possible theft from Palestine, Tex., that could be connected to the same shop owners. The Ciceks bonded out on the theft charges from Katy Antique Station.