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Texomans Get Storm Ready


LONE GROVE, OK--In Texoma, April showers bring more than May flowers including lots of unexpected weather, and people in Lone Grove are no strangers to severe storms.

Billy Cross is a gospel singer from Lone Grove who survived a deadly tornado that hit the small town several years ago. He said the only thing that was recovered from the storm was his guitars.

"I tell you the Lord was looking after me, and a good friend of mine who found my two guitars," Cross said.

Cross said it was the first time in all the years that he's lived in Lone Grove...that he actually had to leave his home to seek shelter.

He said he was watching the news when he could see the tornado form before his eyes and knew it was time to seek shelter. The gospel singer said it's something he'll never forget.

"It looked like a bomb had hit," Cross said.

He said he's still keeping an eye out for future storms and says he's prepared just like he was last time.

"Well I've got a weather radio, I've got another weather radio up there that does the same thing. I'm also on the automatic call system for Carter County," said Cross.

Sheila Winberry also survived the deadly storm. She said she and her family took shelter in a cellar and said when they came out, they received bad news about a friends passing.

"We came out of the cellar and heard that it hit bar "k" mobile home park. I told my son immediately to call over there. When he called they said that the mother had been found and the father had not and he said I need to go to the hospital!"

Now Winberry said she too is prepared for any deadly storm.

"Yesterday we've already got the cellar cleaned out, and the chairs back down there," said Winberry.

Both residents said they feel prepared for future any severe weather.