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School Officials and Parents Respond to High School Lockdown


POTTSBORO, TX---- Yesterday, Pottsboro police told KTEN News Pottsboro High School was put into lockdown for about an hour during the school's prom on Saturday. Today, school officials addressed the lockdown and stressed that it really isn't an issue that parents or students should be concerned about. However, several Pottsboro High School students and parents think otherwise.

Lt. David Brown of the Pottsboro Police Department said it all started after a student posted a picture of a gun on Facebook on Saturday night. He said the high school was referenced in the background of the photo and Pottsboro ISD Superintendent Dr. Kevin Matthews said it looked like the student could have been at the prom.

Lt. Brown said students who wanted  to leave during the lockdown had to be escorted to their cars. He said the student who posted the photo never showed up to the prom, but that they wanted to be safe, rather than sorry.

Today, Dr. Matthews described the incident as concerning, but said since there was no direct threat made to the high school prom, there was no reason to notify parents.

"I just think that everyone should be told what's going on because it could have been dangerous," one parent said. "It obviously wasn't, but you never know what's going to happen."

"You need to tell the parents, so they can make up their mind whether it's safe to send their children to school," said grandparent Simone Wallace.

"This is a small tight-knit community and the community should know what's going on," said mother Niki McDonald.

Today, Dr. Matthews decided to issue a statement regarding the lockdown. "There was no threat to the high school prom and no student was in danger on Saturday night," Matthews said. "The administration, in conjunction with the Pottsboro Police Department, handled the situation very well. Pottsboro ISD will always make student safety a priority."