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Severe Storms Possible Tuesday Evening


TEXOMA -- Since last week KTEN's Sky Alert Weather team has been watching the chances for severe weather early this week.

With any severe weather event the forecast can be quite challenging to determine if all the right ingredients for severe weather will come together. Regardless, we want you prepared for any weather event that happens not only tomorrow night but in the future as well.

Bryan County Emergency Managers explain now is the time to prepare your family.

"This is a good time for an individual to check their preparation. Check your plan, practice your plan. Get your emergency preparation kit ready," says Kenneth Eppler, Deputy Director of Bryan County Emergency Management.

Sunday evening across Kansas and Missouri severe storms broke out leaving paths of hail reports and even a report of a small tornado.

This is the same type of weather that can be anticipated over our area Tuesday evening.

"A few severe weather reminders ... When a severe thunderstorm watch is issued that means conditions are favorable for storms to develop. Watch boxes usually encompass a large area. When a severe thunderstorm warning is issued that means a storm has formed and is likely to impact your area. Warning boxes usually encompass a county or two," explains KTEN's Meteorologist Cathy Evans.

The safest place to be during a severe storm is inside a sturdy building, preferably not a mobile home.

A good formula to use is the lowest level, center part, smallest room.

Make sure you have a way to get weather information whether by cell phone with our KTEN weather call or have a weather radio.

Bryan County Emergency Managers are getting prepared.

"In preparation for this we've checked our emergency operation center, we've got all the computers running to make sure that we have no glitches. We are going out to service our weather station network," explains Eppler.

The American Red Cross has guides on their web site for how to prepare your family for any weather emergency. We provided a link to that here:

As for Tuesday evening, KTEN's Sky Alert Weather team will keep you weather informed whether by TV, Weather Call,, or Facebook (you can like both KTEN and SkyAlert Weather Watchers).