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Texoma Woman Fighting Rare Kidney Disease is Asking Community for Help


BELLS, TX--- One local Bells woman is asking the Texoma community for help tonight. 22-year-old Katie Daniel has been diagnosed with a rare kidney disease and desperately needs donations for her treatment.

Daniel was pregnant with her first of five children when her doctor first diagnosed her with Fanconi Syndrome.

"He only knew bits and pieces about it," Daniel said.

She said he explained to her that Fanconi Syndrome is an extremely rare kidney disease.

"The life expectancy is only 29 years and I'm 22, which means I could only have seven years left," Daniel said.

She said the disease takes all of the essential nutrients her body needs to properly function and instead of using them, it flushes them out of her body.

"With my body lacking all of those nutrients, my body hurts all the time," Daniel said. "There's nothing that I can take for it because even if I take Tylenol or something, I'm still in a lot of pain because it flushes that out."

So far, she said local doctors haven't been able to help her.

"I've been seeing doctor after doctor and they don't know anything about this," Daniel said.

She said there are two out-of-state doctors who specialize in treating Fanconi Syndrome. The one Daniel is trying to see practices in California, but she says right now, her family can't afford to see him.

"We're trying to raise money to get her there because our insurance won't cover it," Daniel's husband said.

Daniel's family has created a fundraising page on a website called giveforward.com and now they're asking the Texoma community for donations to help fund Daniel's medical expenses.

"If anybody could help that would be greatly appreciated, " Daniel said.

If you would like to donate to Daniel, you can do so here.