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Ardmore twins sign with Southwestern College for tennis


ARDMORE, OK -- Savannah and Sadie Pfau are identical twin sisters and have been playing tennis since middle school and are now seniors on the Ardmore tennis team.

Besides their hair color, there aren't many differences between Savannah and Sadie.

"Everything about their life has been very very equal," said their mother, Paula Pfau. "Their grade point averages are the same. They've had pretty much the same records. Their act scores are the same. Everything's the same."

The twins even have matching knee injuries.

"I tore my ACL playing basketball and then 16 days later, she tore her ACL. And we were like what, how did this happen," Sadie said.

"It was very entertaining, we call it our twinjury. And now we have to wear these knee braces," Savannah added.

Now with their high school careers winding down and graduation fast approaching, the Pfau twins have a big decision to make the twins inked their letters of intent on Tuesday and will both be heading to Kansas to play for the Southwestern College Moundbuilders.

"It's exciting because you have somebody you know and somebody to be your teammate and someone you can trust," Sadie said.

"It's really exciting knowing that you have someone to share all your experiences with," Savannah concluded.