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Local Businesses in Ardmore Raise Awareness for March Of Dimes


ARDMORE, OK-- According to the CDC each year pre-term birth affects nearly a half-million babies, or one out of every 9 infants. Now one local business in Ardmore is coming together to help raise awareness.

Lori Linney gave birth to premature twin babies more than 30 years ago and said it was a scary experience.

 Now she said she wants to give back to an organization that hits so close to home for her.
"It is very scary when you have a premature baby, or babies like I did, and you don't know what to expect. Now with March of Dimes, people are more educated about March of Dimes and what there is to offer," said Linney.

The March of Dimes is a national organization that helps raise awareness and money for women who have given birth to a premature baby.

Linney works for the city manager's office in Ardmore and said every Thursday the ladies in the office donate a dollar to wear jeans and sometimes $5 to be able to wear them all week.

Dr. Pam Kimbrough is a Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctor at Life's Cycle women's Care in Ardmore and said one way to help prevent premature deliveries is good prenatal care.
"It's important that people receive good prenatal care, and follow up consistently so that they can be evaluated and we can do a lot of different testing to look for that. There are certain cultures that we can do and ultrasounds to look at the link of the cervix," said Dr. Kimbrough.

Dr. Kimbrough said the rate for premature births in Oklahoma has gone down, but she said it's still an issue.

"It's still around 13% I believe, it decreased a little bit from around 14% in the last 6 or 7 years. So slight decrease, but not as much as we want it to," said Dr. Kimbrough.

Dr. Kimbrough said premature births happen for a number of different reasons, but she said younger and older moms are at a greater risk for delivering prematurely.