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Mannsville Residents Finds Stray Dogs and Family pets killed


MANNSVILLE, OK-- Residents in Mannsville said they wanted their issues of stray dogs to be resolved, but when stray dogs and family pets were found killed, residents said this wasn't the way they wanted it handled.

Abbey was a loving family pet who was found on the side of the road shot in the head along with another dog.    

Residents in Mannsville said they wanted something done about stray dogs roaming the streets and some even killing family pets, but when Abbey was found dead Brenda Morphet said this wasn't the answer they were looking for.

"I can't imagine somebody's pet getting lost for an hour or two and finding it executed," said Morphet. "It takes a really sick person to step up and do something like this," said Morphet.

Matthew Morphet said their dog got out and was found a day later shot in the head along with another dog. He said he has no idea who or why someone would do this.

  "It sucks, we had her around for a while, she wasn't a mean dog, she was pretty loving. I just want whoever keeps doing this to get caught and get all this taken care of. It's getting ridiculous! too many animals are dying," said Morphet.

  We contacted the sheriff's office and again no one was available to speak on this issue. Mannsville mayor Becky Broughton said the sheriff's office can't do anything about the stray problem because of city codes.

She said animal cruelty is a different situation and will not be tolerated.

"If there is an issue where someone has killed dogs, that's not a city ordinance, now we're talking about cruelty to animals and that's something that the sheriff's department should, and I believe truly would be involved in," said Broughton.    

Several residents complained about an alarming number of dogs found dead under a bridge, as many as 16.

The mayor said they went to look for the dead animals, only 2 were found, but she said  it's still an issue they will handle.

Resident Brenda Morpeht said she is offering a $250 reward to anyone that knows anything about the killing of her family pet.

She said to anyone with information can reach her at the J and L Quick stop in Mannsville.