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Durant Campus Scare May Have Been April Fools' Prank


DURANT, OK -- Police say a few break-ins at student apartments on Tuesday morning may have been an April Fools' Day joke, but the possible prank caused some real life concerns on campus.

Students at Southeastern Oklahoma State University were on alert after reports that men pushed their way into nearby apartments at gunpoint.

"All I heard was that there were people going around knocking on doors and after you open the door, they would force entry and they had guns," says student Kandace Monroe.

Police say four or five men with masks and gloves went into three places, and tried at four others.  It happened between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. Tuesday, at a few locations in the area of North 7th, Walnut, and Olivia, police Det. Drew Hale said.

Further investigation revealed later Wednesday that it may have been a student April Fools' Day prank, Hale said.

"Their friends were actually one of the ones that got broken in and apparently they had held a gun to their head and stuff, but they decided they didn't like anything or want anything that they had, so they just left," says student Michaela Woodall, who heard about the break-ins.

"She was sleeping and they got woke up by someone banging on the door, and she was about to open it, but one of her friends' boyfriends was in the Army or something and he was like, 'No! Don't open it,'" says student Evan Wakefield, who heard about the break-ins.

For those students who had not heard about the robberies and robbery attempts from their friends, many of them heard about it through a school e-mail and text SE Alert that went out Tuesday night around 7 p.m. urging them to use caution.

"This involved some armed home invasions, so we felt like as a precaution and as a means of awareness, that it was the proper thing to make that notification," says school spokesman Alan Burton.

For some students, it was a shocking experience, to have their space violated, and men demanding cell phones and money. Police say it is unclear if a gun was used, and nothing was taken.

"I know that the campus, the police is on it, and they said that they were looking, security was heightened," says student Josh Baker.