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Durant Woman Getting Towed Car Back After Online Post


DURANT, OK -- A driver had a frustrating situation when her car stopped running. She left it in a parking lot, where it later got towed, but then someone stepped in to help after seeing her post on Facebook.

Ever since her car broke down last week, Durant resident Glenna Willeby has been thinking about how to fix it, or at least get it home from a shopping center on North Washington Avenue.

"Somebody said, well just get something and pull it, and that way you'll know it's safe," says Willeby. "It took me a long time to find something to pull it with and I found a chain from somebody and I went to get it and it was gone," says Willeby.

Willeby says she realized the car was towed, she got upset, and wrote a message on Facebook on a Bryan County soundoff page. It turns out the owner of the tow truck saw it. "I read through the post and saw where we had been the ones to pick up their vehicle and just decided to help her out," says White's Garage owner Nathan White. "I like to help people out that are having troubles."

Willeby says she was driving nearby when her car broke down and she pulled it into a lot by Nichols supermarket. She says the Ford Mustang had been here for about five days and she is very happy that the garage is going to be able to help her.

"If she got it back, I'm proud for her because I wasn't sure if a thief got it or what, we didn't know," says copy shop employee Terri Stair.

"You just don't hardly see anybody that's willing to be able to help you, usually it's about all about money," says Willeby's brother John Wilkens.

Willeby says she uses the car to help take care of her four grandchildren. White says he is going to check on her broken fuel pump.

"Typically the state sets all the charges, there'd be overnight charges and we have storage plus the wrecker fees, and we're going to waive all the charges," says White. "We're actually going to see if we can repair her vehicle to get her back on the road."

"He's just an awesome, awesome person, and if you can help somebody, please do," says Willeby.