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Pottsboro structure fire


POTTSBORO, TX - Fire officials in Pottsboro say a structure fire on a private property quickly got out of hand Monday night.

It happened just before 6:00 p.m. on Hwy 289 across the street from Lazy Acre Circle.

Grayson County Fire Marshal, Kevin Walton, says a man was trying to get rid of a storage building by burning it down and the fire spread to some dry grass.

Fortunately the Pottsboro and Preston Fire Departments were able to put the fire out quickly.

The property owner was issued a written warning.

"A lot of people think because it's their property they can do whatever they want on their property which is not the case, you can burn brush yes, but you can't come burn a structure, which is what this was, it was a mobile home," said Walton.

Walton says before you undertake a controlled burn, call the County Fire Marshal's Office, or the county and ask for the Environmental Protection Officer.