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Denison Annual Clean Up


DENISON, TX -- Its now spring and it is a good time to do some spring cleaning. The City of Denison is helping people do just that.

Monday morning, April 1st, some of the people who live in Denison were able to get rid of a lot of big, bulky trash.

"The city came by and told us that we needed to clean up our yards and we were doing remodeling any way ... They said just put it out on the boulevard and we'll come by and pick it up on Monday morning," says Steve Tix, a Denison resident.

Tix is thankful the City of Denison is doing this.

"It's nice to know the city does this and that our city taxes pay for something every month when I pay my water bill, because otherwise I would have to load it up and haul it out to the dump outside of town."

Denison officials who are coming by to clean up ask that you help them out by not putting your trash in certain places.

"Don't put it under the trees or against your mailbox," says Denison Employee Robert Baker.

The bulk trash will be collected on different days depending on what part of town you live in and will be on going until April 26th.

Each morning they ask for the trash to be put out by 6:30am if it is your designated pick up day.

"I think it was a pretty good deal. I think the whole city pretty much got behind it; I saw piles of stuff everywhere," says Tix.

During the clean up, the city asks you to not put your brush and limbs by the curb. They will begin collecting that again in May.

For information on when your designated pick-up day is if you live in Denison you can visit the City of Denison web site from this link below or call the Public Works Office at 903-465-2720 Ext. 2451.