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Kids Grab Easter Eggs At Sherman Park

SHERMAN, TX -- The day before Easter Sunday had several egg hunters getting a "jump" on the holiday across Texoma.

In Sherman, an Easter egg hunt that was postponed last week due to weather took place at the west side of Pecan Grove Park on Canyon Creek Drive.

The Parks department provided plenty of eggs, and kids quickly grabbed them up. Parents say it was a good activity to do with their children.

"There were eggs everywhere, so they had all the kids line up by age, and they said go and the kids took off running," says parent Carrie Golike. "It was kind of a mad scramble for a bit there, but they all got tons of eggs."

In this case, the eggs given out to the children were not real hollowed eggs, but plastic ones filled with candy. The practice of decorating eggs dates back thousands of years and is done around the world.