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Mall Entrance Boarded Up After Crash In Sherman

A car crashed through doors on Friday afternoon at Midway Mall in Sherman. A car crashed through doors on Friday afternoon at Midway Mall in Sherman.

SHERMAN, TX -- There is a temporary fix to the entrance of Midway Mall after a man plowed through the front door. Initially, the sound of shattering glass had people scared there was a shooter.

On Saturday, part of the front entrance was covered with plywood, a day after a man drove into the doors. "I heard a loud crash and I heard what I thought was gunshots," says photo shop employee Charles Green, who got up to hide as the commotion started Friday afternoon.

"Everybody was running that way and then I looked back out and they were all walking back this way and I went out there and the guard had him down, had him on his stomach," says Green.

"We were pulling up into the parking lot and everybody was running, I don't know why. Some lady flagged me down and told me, 'Don't go in! A man with a gun!'" says gaming shop employee Kimberly Munn.

A security guard and a bystander who happened to be a Colorado policeman detained the man, mall manager Tabetha Snow said.

"They used their training to take the suspect's belt off and use it for handcuffs, and they quickly had him apprehended," says Snow.

The car went through only one of the six stanchions in front of the mall entrance. Witnesses said that after getting out of the car, the man began smashing the glass doors with his cane.

"He started beating the cane around on the glass doors and from there, he went into the mall and started screaming and yelling," says Snow.

"When we saw him, he had hair, so he shaved it. That's why I didn't recognize him," says Munn.

Several people who work in the mall said they had seen the man they know as "Scott" in the past week or two. Snow says he came to the office trying to make a claim after walking into a door.

Green says he stopped in a few times mentioning a patent idea. "He talked real fast and he had a lot of different schemes that he wanted to show you," says Green.

"He came in on Tuesday. He came in and stopped by some salons, he was trying to sell some jewelry and get rid of some things. I mean, he was acting kind of different," says hairdresser Nichole Smith.

Sherman police say the man was taken in Friday for evaluation. Right now, it appears to be a mental health issue and he has not been arrested.