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Man Rescued From Woods Near Van Alstyne


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX --  A helicopter came to the rescue when a man lost in the woods said  he was having a medical emergency, and some nearby workers helped point rescuers to the motorcyclist in distress.

Around 11:30 a.m., a man calls 911 saying he needs help. First responders believe he may have been in a motorcycle accident. He tries to describe his location, but they can't find him.

"The guy said he could see the boom of this crane and he could see the water tower," says witness J.R. Hess.

Hess was sitting in his construction crane working on a new water pipeline from Lake Texoma. He watches as ambulances and police cars pull up to the quiet stretch of road, six miles east of Van Alstyne. He realizes it may have something to do with a man he saw heading into the trees on a motorcycle.

"They was going off down this road and going off down that a way, and finally I went over to one of them and told him where I seen him go, and so then they went down there," says Hess.

"They needed access to the gate I opened up the gate for them showed them where it was at access to that gate," says witness Alex Garcia.

The emergency crews responded to the field to look for the man, but they say since he was very confused, he could not report exactly where he was, and that made it difficult to find him.

"They couldn't find him, they hunted for him for about an hour, and finally the helicopter came and spotted him," says Hess.

A medical helicopter based near Howe flies toward F.M 2729. The crew spots the man in a wooded area not far from his motorcycle.

"There was 17 ambulances, police cars, rescue vehicles, it was quite a scene," says Hess. "Something out of the routine," says Garcia.

Authorities say the man was having difficulties and appeared to be disoriented. He was taken to Texas Health Presbyterian-WNJ.