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Stray Pit bulls a Growing Problem for Residents in a Small Town


MANNSVILLE, OK-- People in Mannsville said stray dogs are attacking their family pets. Residents said a growing number of pit bulls are running loose in their neighborhood.

Cathy Hudson said she's lucky her dog Buster didn't die last year when a pit bull attacked him when he was just four months old.

Neighbor Krystal Carroll wasn't so lucky. She said she and her son watched in horror last Saturday when their dog was killed in an attack.

"There was a dog at one end of my dog and another dog at the other end of my dog, and they just tugged it," said Carroll.

Hudson said she and several other residents have tried to contact the Sheriff's office when a family pet was attacked by a stray, but they've gotten no help.

"We have had incidents here before where we've tried to call the Sheriff's office.  We've tried just about everything we can and we've had no response," said Hudson.

We contacted the Sheriff's office today and were told no one was available to speak about the issue.  

Many residents said they're even afraid to go for a walk in their own neighborhood. Carroll said her dog was on a leash when it was attacked.

"We're scared to walk because the pit bulls are attacking our pets right now, but it will get a child next because once the pit bull gets a taste of blood it's ready," said Carroll.

Hudson said all she wants is for people to take responsibility for their pets before it happens again.

"If you're not going to have control over your animals, please for the sake of everyone else, don't have them," said Hudson.

Hudson said officials have scheduled a town hall meeting for April 8th to allow residents to voice their concerns.