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Texoma Exposition and Livestock Show in Grayson County


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX --  It has been a tradition for Grayson County for more than 50 years.

"Generations have shown here, they've got their kids showing, their grand kids showing, and some of them showed themselves back in 1957 when the show started," explains Corgie Fisher, the Show's Superintendent.

Kids from all across Texoma come and show off their livestock and farm animals for the annual exposition.  

Cassidy Jeffrey traveled from Bells, TX to show off her lamb who she calls Bubba.

"Its a lot of work and responsibility I mean you have to walk him like every day and it takes a lot of feed and care for this. I mean it like it likes a tough competition down here."

She started showing  animals as soon as she was old enough which was four years ago.

"Last year I got like 5th and I've been an alternate my first two years but this year I got second and made sale," says Jeffrey.

"When the judges are judging the animals they are looking for quality as far as meat production in the animals and what makes them a productive market animal and they are also looking for how the animal has been cared for and that's a big factor," explains Forgie.

"Its educational it teaches the kids a responsibility or caring for their animals."

And this year Forgie says the whole week of events at the Texoma Expo and Livestock show has gone very well.

"The week went great we had a little less than 900 totals entries, a lot of great kids out here showing their projects and getting a chance to show off their hard work."