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Local Aviation School Announces Expansion

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DENISON, TX-- The US Aviation Academy held their first annual graduation at the North Texas Regional Airport Wednesday afternoon, where leaders made a big announcement for the program.

The Aviation Academy is partnering with American Eagle Airlines, a branch of American Airlines. The partnership brings more opportunities to instructors within the program, as well as new opportunities to the Airport. Right now, the program is specifically designed for students who come from China, but the Aviation Academy says they hope to expand that student base to other countries as well as domestic students.

We spoke with Grayson County Commissioner Judge Drue Bynum and US Aviation Executive Vice President Mark Taylor. Both say, this is just one more step in the right direction when it comes to re-establishing the North Texas Regional Airport as a major hub for Texoma. With the announcement, they hope to attract more students to the school, more businesses to the airport, and more air traffic.