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Former Sherman Police Chief Accused Of Sexual Abuse


SHERMAN, TX -- A former police chief faces a charge of child sexual abuse, and the man's attorney says he was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

Police say former Sherman police Chief Stephen Charles "Chuck" Pilant, 71, was arrested at his home and is accused of sexual assault of a child.

"He's been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and as anybody knows who's ever had that in their family it can do strange things," says Pilant's attorney Bob Jarvis.

Sheriff's office Lt. Rickey Wheeler says after appearing before Justice of the Peace Larry Atherton, Pilant made $10,000 bond and was released a couple hours later.

"I've known him, we've been here like 13 years and that's really, really, really surprising," says neighbor Scott Woodard.

Neighbor Don Belcher says he is also surprised at the accusation.  "Being a police chief and all that, and it's a pretty quiet neighborhood and you'd never think in the neighborhood that people like that are around," says Belcher.

Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton says Pilant served as chief from 1988 to 1994. Since he was just arrested Tuesday, Jarvis says there is still more information that he is working to learn about the case.

"We don't know if anything has happened yet, it's way too early in the investigation to make those kind of claims," says Jarvis. "That's why we want to look into it and work with law enforcement to try to find out what happened, if something did, and if it did, then why would something like that happen."

Jarvis says after researching Alzheimer's disease online, he has found there have been reports that it can cause "hypersexuality."

"He's always been very well respected and a good law enforcement officer and quiet but he likes to fish," says Jarvis.

"I'm sorry that someone that's been a police chief would be arrested but as far as guilt, I guess that would have to be proven," says neighbor Debbie Flanders.

So far, no court dates have yet been set in the case.