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Trailer Near Sherman Destroyed In Fire


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- The county fire marshal says a trash fire left burning in a barrel outdoors this morning spread to and destroyed a home by afternoon. A cat was found safe nearby.

Sherman firefighters responded to a burning trailer house east of town around 1 p.m. "I saw smoke and then about 10 minutes after that, I heard the sirens," said neighbor Herbert Smith.

"It's bad it's really bad," said Ruby Tucker, in a call to the residents.

Friends of the couple renting the home got a call from someone who noticed the fire along Highway 56, and got a hold of them to tell them what was going on.  "Me and Jim came out here and your house is on fire," said Tucker.

"It's hard and I can't find my dog," said Crystal Thompson, who showed up to find her former home destroyed. She says she recently split up with her boyfriend, but still lost many things inside the trailer on Smith Oak Road.

"There was a doggie door so I'm hoping she got out of it. They got my cat," says Thompson.

By the time firefighters arrived, they say the home was pretty much engulfed. One man says he managed to rescue a cat that ran out from underneath the burning trailer.

"I was walking down there looking for the animals, just to see if they come out of there and all of a sudden, the cat came out of the fire, ran up to me, and he hasn't let go until I closed the door on the pickup," says friend Jim Erwin.

"It didn't take long with the wind, it just forced it right through the trailer," says fire Capt. Jason Sparlin.

Sparlin says the fire started on the north end and quickly spread, also catching some hay on fire. Fire Marshal Kevin Walton says trash left unattended in a barrel outside started the fire.

"There's nothing there. They've lost everything. There's not even a frame there anymore you can't even tell there was a house there anymore," says Tucker.

Tucker says she lost her nephew in a mobile home fire, so she was very glad to learn that no one was home. "As long as everybody's out of there, we're good. You can replace a home, but not a human life."