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Fire Destroys House in Southern Oklahoma


LEBANON, OK--A fire completely destroys a home in Lebanon Oklahoma, which is just south of Madill.

Neighbor Ann Rushing reacts to a house engulfed in flames in the 1900-block of Powell rd. in Lebanon Oklahoma.

"It is heart breaking, it really is because your whole life is in that house and it makes you sad, it really does."

Rushing said she knows the homeowner well. She said the woman lives there alone and said she called her to make sure she wasn't inside the home.

"She did answer her phone, said that she was running errands, I did mention to her that her house was on fire and that she needed to come home," Rushing said.

Several volunteer fire units including Madill, Lebanon, and Texoma responded to the house fire.

It took firefighters several hours to get the fire completely out, and they said the high winds played a role, making it difficult to contain the fire.

"The flames moved so fast and it just kept spreading around, it was just one of the worst one's I've seen in a long time," said Lebanon Firefighter Lawrence Garrison.

Officials said the homeowner rushed to her home, but for safety reasons they couldn't let her through to the scene until the fire was completely out.

Investigators believe the fire started due to electrical issues--which they say is common this time of year.

"One day it will be 75 degrees and the next day it will be 30 degrees and people think it's too cold so they overdo it with space heaters," said Garrison.

Although they think they know what started the fire, they're still investigating.

No injuries were reported.