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Ardmore Airpark Control Tower is Safe from Sequester Cuts


ARDMORE, OK-- The Federal Aviation Administration is still making budget cuts to several control towers, but the Ardmore Airpark Control Tower is not one of them.

Officials announced Friday that the airpark tower will be left alone, and one reason is because the airpark is partially funded through the Ardmore Development Authorities.

Jack Vanderslice is the Executive Vice President for King Aerospace in Ardmore and said the news comes with great relief.

"It is really good news for us! We have the government fueling contract here at the airpark so there's a lot of training flights that take place here," said Vanderslice.

Officials said that if the F.A.A did decide to close down the tower that hundreds of jobs would've been lost and the impact would've not only been locally, but globally as well.

"We employ a lot of people in a wide range of professions. From A.M.P mechanics to people that fabricate cabinets to people that do postal work, planners, and purchaser. Just about anything that takes to run the business," said Vanderslice.

 Vanderslice said the shutting of the tower would've have been tragic to everyone.

"It would've been really tough on our business here since we do so much business with the army, navy, and marines and they do buy a lot of fuel from our facility, so it would not have been good for us at all," said Vanderslice.

Officials said that they hope the tower will remain off the list of control towers to be cut.