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2 Teens Dead After House Fire in Murray County Oklahoma


MURRAY COUNTY, OK-- Two teens have died in a fire that broke out just before 6 o'clock Sunday morning in the 600 block of Old Highway 77.

19 year-olds Kylie Andrews and Jess Hortsman were two of 5 people that were inside the home at the time of the fire.

According to officials at the Murray County Sheriff's office, one of the 5 people was asleep in the living room and woke up to alert the rest but only three people made it out.

Neighbors said they were shocked to wake up to a home engulfed in flames.

"I saw some big flames, got my pick up, went down there and just the whole house was just totally enflamed! There were several firemen there but it looked like it was too late," said neighbor Edward Hudson.

State Fire Marshall's said they believe the fire started due to electrical issues near the back porch.

Murray county under sheriff Jason Conyer said they're still trying to piece together information.

"We don't know cause of death, we don't know exactly what started the fire and we won't know until we finish our investigation and we get a finalized report from the medical examiner's office, and the fire marshal's office," said Conyer.

Conyer says he's worked for the sheriff's office more than 10 years and said this is the most tragic house fire he's seen in all his years.

"Very tragic, I've been in the sheriff's department around 12 years, and I can tell you in my twelve years that this is probably the first structure fire that I've been on where there's been more than one loss of life," said Conyer.

Neighbors too say it was a terrible thing to witness.

"It was just terrible, it's a bad thing. I hate to see it happen to anybody. It was just a bad thing," said neighbor Edward Hudson.