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Denison woman catches scam artist on Craigslist


DENISON, TX - Millions of people use Craigslist and PayPal every day, but is it safe? A denison woman says she almost learned the hard way, it's not as secure as you might think.

 It's been a struggle for Bertha Coffin since her husband, a Vietnam War Veteran, was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and early signs of dementia.

"He is not able to be around people."

She and her husband are retired and rely on social security, but with his increasing medical bills, it's just not enough.

Her husband's condition keeps him inside the house most of the time, so they decided to use Craigslist to sell their camper.

"So we thought well we'll just go ahead and sell it and bring in some extra money."

A reply came quickly from a man asking for more pictures and how low they would go on the price.

The man asked if she would take it off Craigslist because he wanted it, but she said not until she got the money.

"Within a few minutes he sent me another message saying he was interested in it as a gift for his son," said Coffin.

The man said because of work he couldn't come see it, but he was willing to pay the asking price and have someone pick it up.

Then Bertha says he convinced her to set up a PayPal account.

Next he asked her to send the account information to him, so he could deposit the money.

Soon after she got an email from "PayPal" asking her for money.

"You need to send $900 dollars for the fee, then $100 dollars that you have to pay Western Union, which added to a thousand dollars and as soon as they received it, the money would be deposited into my account."

Bertha says she was ready to send the money until her daughter decided to call PayPal and ask about the fee.

"PayPal said this is a scam, don't do that, and it was very upsetting."

Bertha says PayPal told her daughter they never ask for money, and Craigslist told them they were looking into the incident.

We tried to contact PayPal and Craigslist, but neither one responded.