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Grayson Co. Lakeside Development Moves Ahead With Sale


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A key sale went through that could pave the way for a major development at Lake Texoma. After an environmental study, an act of Congress, and more than $4 million, the Preston Harbour development is now one big step closer to reality.

For several years, his name has been pinned to plans for a new development outside of Denison. "I just started off and then a plan started to develop and then I acquired more land and more land. We acquired 10 tracts of land, well now with today, 11," says businessman George Schuler.

Schuler, 68, of Plano, says the last piece was the most difficult -- nine miles of shoreline to the west of Grandpappy Point Marina sold by the Army Corps of Engineers through to the city for $1.8 million. It is a result 12 years in the making.

"Mr. Schuler came up, and George and I and the city manager began talking about the possibilities of a project of this nature and you know we were thinking 2100 acres, that's pretty incredible," says former mayor Bill Lindsay.

"We went through and looked everything from archeological and cultural resources to endangered species to any wetlands," says Col. Michael Teague of the Army Corps Tulsa District, referring to a $1.9 million environmental study Schuler paid for.

Schuler says he bought his first piece of land here off F.M. 84 in 1999, and he says it has taken many years to get to this point, adding that there are still more years before anything will be built here.

Schuler says the next step will be to hold a meeting called a "charette" later this year with experts in items they want to include, like senior housing, golf, and a hotel. "Then they will meet with the city and the Corps and the county and our team, and then we will come up with a plan," says Schuler.

"This is a step of progress here that's made by cooperation by everybody here that represents the people," says Congressman Ralph Hall, R-Rockwall.

It is a big dream for an area that's now mostly quiet. "I like it when it's just kind of nice like it was. It's already grown too much to suit me," says ex-resident Judy Smith, who wants to move back.

But it is a move that officials at a signing lunch at Denison Golf and Country Club on Friday afternoon say will bring in new residents and a bigger tax base. "The city council over the past 12 years has made that a priority -- that our current citizenry would not be at risk for anything that was related to this development," says Mayor Jared Johnson.

Schuler worked on developing the McKinney airport and keeps a condo nearby at the Diamond Pointe building. He says the next step is to get their market research so they have a plan ready to go for when the market is right to build. The city plans to annex the area later.