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Solution to Sewage Problem May be Coming Soon for Bells Residents


BELLS, TX--- It's been several months since a sewer line started leaking raw sewage onto a Grayson County homeowner's lawn. Now, some help might be on the way.

Last week, city workers told the homeowner that since the line is on private property, he was partially responsible for fixing the leak. However, the man found something while cleaning it up today that might not make it his responsibility any longer.

It's been one week since Michael Rhoades called KTEN News about a broken sewer line leaking raw sewage onto his property.

"It's hard to eat because of the smell," Rhoades said. "I can't sit in the house very long because of the smell and we have to burn incense all the time."

"Whenever we go outside, we smell the smell and we have to go back inside because we hate the smell," Rhoades' granddaughter Rubie Stevenson said.

Rhoades said he believed that since the leak was on his neighbors property, it wasn't his responsibility to fix it.

Last week, Bells City Mayor Gary Martin told KTEN New that it was up to both Rhoades and the property owner to fix it.

Since then, Rhoades said nothing has been done about the leak and that the property owner still refuses to help. He said because no progress had been made, the city decided to shut off his water Thursday morning.

"Mr. Rhoades is discharging waste onto Mr. Heath's property and we shut the water off to stop that from happening until he can make the repairs," City of Bells Water Utilities Director Lorie Rankin said.

"I called a lawyer," Rhoades said. "By law they can not shut off my water."

Rhoades said he was forced to clean up the leak by himself Thursday morning and that that's when he discovered the sewer line wasn't broken. He said it wasn't capped, causing sewage from his home and three surrounding homes, to leak into the ground.

Tonight, Rhoades says a city worker apologized to him and turned his water back on. We have been unable to get a comment from the city or the property owner at this time.