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Real Estate in Ardmore is on the Rise


ARDMORE, OK-- According to the National Association of Realtors, this spring may be one of the healthiest home-buying seasons since 2007.

Christi Frederick is a real estate agent in Ardmore and said lately the amount of people wanting to buy and sell their home has been booming.

"Here lately it's been picking up. People are more interested in moving around and they're listing their homes, looking for other homes, and looking to move up. Even the older people are looking to downsize, so we do have lots of activity right now with spring coming up. It's certainly a time to be thinking about moving around," Frederick said.

 According to recent statistics, 2007 was one of the worst years to buy or sell a home.
A recent finding by a U.S. economist indicates that this spring may be one of the healthiest home-buying season's the market has seen since 2007.

Frederick said new development in the area is also playing a role.
"It seems like spring good time; there is a lot of building going on right now in Ardmore. Building permits I believe are up and I just think that there's more optimism now about real estate then there has been," said Frederick

Grant Jackson said he too has been noticing a lot of people coming and going around his neighborhood.

"I've been here since 1995, and I have seen a lot of homes for sale out here. People coming and going and I don't know exactly why." Grant said.

One local resident said homes have been going fast.

"Usually when there's a house up for sale, it doesn't stay empty very long.", said Resident Dale Smithers.