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World-renowned educator visits Austin College


SHERMAN -- Thursday, the creator of the revolutionary learning tool called the Khan Academy inspired an audience at Austin College.

More than 100 students and staff packed inside the Wynne Chapel on-campus to hear Salman Khan speak for about 30 minutes.

He visited the campus to receive the Austin College Posey Leadership Award for his leadership in a global context.

The New Orleans native also shared the story of how what's become a global concept began with him teaching math to his cousins, one named Nadia, over the Internet.

"Those visits were for Nadia, not Bill Gates," Khan said as the audience laughed.

Khan said the videos caught on. As a result, in 2009, he said he quit his job as a hedge fund analyst and began focusing full-time on his YouTube channel called the Khan Academy.

Today, there are more than 3,000 Khan Academy videos online. Users can access them through its YouTube page or through the, a non-profit website created in 2006.

Each video is about 10-minutes long and cover a variety of topics from the history of World War 1, to buying a house, to the debt ceiling. Students say, Best of all, the lessons are free.

Alaina Oglesby, a business student at Austin College, says she's used Khan Academy videos to re-learn calculus.

"He was talking today about learning at your own pace," she said. "That's what a video allows you to do."

Since gaining international success, Khan has been on the cover of Forbes magazine and featured on 60 Minutes.

Professors at Austin College say his big picture way of thinking is changing the layout of the way students learn.

"Anybody who has access to Internet whether it's a public library, in their home, at school, can view, can learn these lessons and can do it on their own time, build their own mastery and, I think, that's just critical," education professor Julia Shahid said.