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Close Call for Durant Families After Semi Crashes in Neighborhood


DURANT, OK--- It was a close call for several Durant families last night when a driverless semi truck rolled South on 5th Avenue, eventually crashing into two parked trucks.
It caused quite a commotion in an otherwise quiet neighborhood. Neighbors said they couldn't believe it when they saw the truck barreling down their street.

It's been a busy day for homeowners Roger Griffin and Susan Harris. 

"I'm in the process of taking down the canopy over here," Griffin said. "I'm going to take it down and dismantle it and try to get things back to normal."

"Well, we got the corner of that house that we need to redo," Harris said.

Tuesday night the 18 wheeler demolished their carport and caused minor damage to their home. 

"I couldn't believe it," Harris said. "I was like wow, you don't hear about that, you know."

Durant police said it all started when the driver of the semi truck forgot to set his parking break after he parked near the old Durant Police Station. Officers said the truck was loaded with 75 thousand pounds of cargo and that when the driver left the truck it began rolling down 5th Avenue. 

"It came running down and then right through here it went," Griffin said. 

After hitting a stop sign, carport and part of a home, the homeowners said the rolling semi truck eventually stopped when it hit two pickup trucks parked in front of their neighbor's house.

They said their neighbors were in the living room on the other side of the wall where the two trucks were parked when the crash occurred. They said the pickup trucks stopped the semi truck from crashing through the wall where their neighbors were sitting. 

"It's a scary deal, but thank God no one was hurt," Griffin said.

Griffin's neighbors said they're so thankful the trucks blocked the home and that now they're just thanking God they're okay. 

Durant police said the driver of the semi truck was questioned at the scene and won't be receiving any citations.