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Texomans React: Senate Democrats Dropping Ban on Assault Weapons


ARDMORE, OK-- The ban will be left off laws set to take form sometime this week

According to several reports, Democratic leaders said they dropped the ban on assault type weapons because they said it doesn't have a chance of passing.

Gun control has been a big topic following the Sandy Hook massacre on December 14th.

According to reports Democratic leaders said that in order to bring up a bill for consideration it requires all senators to agree.

Leaders said that if at least one person objects, it requires 60 votes to make the process move forward.

Several Ardmore residents had mixed emotions about the ban failing to make it to congress.

"I definitely see the pros and cons either way they would have gone. I really don't think the normal average American should have to carry an assault weapon, but I do believe we have the right to carry whatever gun we want to protect ourselves or to go hunting," said Lyndsey Oaks.

"I don't really have a problem with it. I think that a lot of the stuff that they're doing right now has been kind of whipped into tempest when it doesn't need to be," said Ken Chancellor.

The senate will still vote on banning of assault weapons, but only as an amendment to a larger gun bill.