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Crafty Creations - Bunny Crafts and Easter Table Ideas


Easter is just around the corner and not all of us can afford to spend big money on decorations. So, this morning, Brenda Hantsche showed Lisanne how to make the holiday more festive, without breaking the bank.


Bunny nick nacks

Chocolate brown spray paint (Brenda used Rust-oleum Painter's Touch - satin espresso about $4.00

Clean and dry the knickknacks. In a ventilated area, spray paint on cardboard. Let dry. Apply second coat. Repeat on other sides.



Instead of a bouquet, use leafy lettuce! Cutting off the bottom. Add to a basket or casserole bowl, add one daisy or mom to the center for a contrasting pop of color

Use goblets or wine glasses for Easter grass and egg display. Line them down the center of the table or at each place setting.

Add jelly beans and a tea light to ice cream sundae glasses, great for the kids' table!

Floating candles look pretty in colored water - two drops of food coloring used.

Use taper candles in vases with bird seed or rice for support. If your china has a gold or silver patter, use candles with a metallic finish.

If you would rather a SPRING look instead of specifically Easter, try clay flower pots instead of baskets.