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AARP Teams up with USPS to Stop Scammers Targeting Elderly


ARDMORE, OK--  Every year dozens of people experience some sort of scam, but according to the Federal Trade Commission, scams could be costing older Americans up to $1 billion a year.

E-mail, home improvement, and lottery tickets are just a few of the many ways scam artist are targeting American elders.

Chris Spencer said he's even experienced scams with vitamins. He said a company that promised him a 5-dollar 30-day trial for multi-vitamins, turned into a costly situation for him.

"It cost me two overdraft fees and $150 almost $218 dollars for a $5 dollar trial," said Spencer.

  Barney Allen is an Executive Council Member with the AARP, and said they're teaming up with the United States Postal Service to help educate our elders on how to detect scams.

"They will be educational trying to in essence look a little bit like the fraud mailers and just advising seniors to be very suspicious," said Allen.

  Allen said one way scam artists get away with their scams is because a lot of people don't report the scam.

"A lot of people that have been scammed don't want to admit it, they're ashamed of it. That's another reason for these mailers to encourage people to come forward if they have been built out of their money," Said Allen.

     Pastor Clark said he knows of several people who have practically fallen into the arms of scam artist, but said he won't fall for it.

"I just pay attention and anytime easy money come, you just have to watch it because there's usually a scheme behind it. So I'm just skeptical of easy money," Said Clark.

The AARP said to report a spam, or if you have any questions over a possible scam, call the AARP center at 1-800-646-2283.