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Drivers Thrilled With Repaved Road In Sherman-Denison


SHERMAN, TX -- After several months of construction, a well-traveled Grayson County roadway has a new look tonight, and many drivers just noticing the change are thrilled about the smooth surface.

The repaving work on Texoma Parkway has caused its share of delays and frustration. "People get confused have to go and turn around. I believe we've lost business because of it," says Top Dog Grooming Salon owner Jennifer Mathews.

On Tuesday, work was complete as a $2.7 million project by the Texas Department of Transportation, contracted to RK Hall Construction, is giving drivers five miles worth of an easier ride.

"There's not as many potholes and rough places and all it's very nice and smooth almost like driving down the highway," says driver Devon Armstrong.

"A lot of places around here that I shop up and down this area, it's easier for me to get into them because it used to be the driveways would be real bumpy when you come out," says driver Carolyn Gaddis.

The work started up in Denison and has now gone down to Sherman. On Tuesday, some work was done at an intersection with Gallagher Drive. Even though much of the work is complete, drivers need to be careful because the lines have not yet been painted in for the lanes.

"When we test drive, this will be so much better, to go down the road and it not shake and bump and rattle," says Texoma Hyundai salesman Tony Trammell.

"The past few years, we've had the ice and snow, so that's been a lot of damage to the highway," says TxDOT Paris District spokesman Tray Turner. The top of the pavement is ground down and then resurfaced.

Business owners hope the new stretch of asphalt will encourage drivers to stop in. "The nicer it looks the more people will be traveling on the road so it helps with the vehicles," says Sweetberries Cafe owner Mike Suleman.

"When they're done with the road, it'd be a lot better and people will travel it more because I will not drive the highway," says Mathews, adding that Highway 75 is too busy.

The striping crew will be through to put in the lanes in the next week or so.