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Eggs for Emily


TEXOMA -- A family in Durant is going through a medical emergency with their new born baby girl, Emily Catherine Carter.

Emily had to be born early because her mother had preeclampsia. However, normally babies born at 37 weeks are fully developed but Emily was not.

"Her lungs aren't mature and sometimes that just happens. Doctors have been explaining some babies just need those extra few weeks," explains Emily's Aunt, Caty Hirst.

So Emily is now hooked to a machine that takes blood out of her body, pumps it through an artificial lung and an artificial heart, and then pumps the oxidized blood back into her body. 

"Emily had been trying to open up her eyes all day and I walked around and there was her left eye just open half a centimeter but it was open enough to be able to see that she was trying to look out," explains Emily's Uncle, Robby Hirst.

For the family now its just a waiting game.

"So right now her body is just resting and maturing and growing," says Caty.

Meanwhile the bills are growing too.

"The hotel is about $280 a week and then there is food and gas and parking and all these extra expenses not to mention a lot of medical costs ... the machine she's on costs about 25 thousand dollars a day," explains Caty.

A friend decided the family didn't need all the financial stress on top of the emotional toll of the situation so she found a way to help.

"One of my sister's best friends Amber Foster came up with the idea Eggs for Emily since Easter is just around the corner."

For ten dollars a note or prayer will go inside an egg for Emily.

Already the family is seeing support from Texoma and they're amazed.

"Some of these people we don't even know (pushing through all the notes and eggs)," says Caty.

"When Amber came up with this it was such a relief not just knowing there was some extra finances coming in but just knowing how many people cared."

If you want to give an egg to Emily you can visit the website below (to donate online) or visit any First United Bank (ask to donate to Christine Hirst). Any questions about Eggs for Emily can be sent to Caty Hirst's email at