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Warm Weather Brings Texoma Residents Outdoors


SHERMAN, TX -- The change in the weather had people turning on their air conditioning, while others headed outdoors to enjoy the arrival of springtime weather.

The first hot weather Saturday of the season had some Sherman residents spending part of their day outdoors.

"It's very nice outside, I'm not really used to it. We've usually been playing in the cold weather so it's really taken me a little bit to get used to, that's why I'm sitting over here. I'm tired," says Dillon Ball, who was playing football at Fairview Park.

"We wanted to bring the kids to the park because it's such a beautiful day," says Kathy Puentes.

Spring officially arrives on Wednesday, and it showed. With temperatures in the upper 70's,  some kids were enjoying their time on the playground. "We've been here a couple hours at least, it's been beautiful, a little warm but good," says Puentes.

"I'm here back home from college and I had just seen it was a nice day today and I just came out to have a good time, work out a little bit," says Ryan Reid.

While many people enjoy the warm temperatures, by Saturday afternoon it was almost too hot, but those who came out to the lake found a nice breeze to keep them cool.

"The hot weather is a little bit harder to breathe in, just hard to get used to since we've been used to the cold weather," says Cody Spence.

"It's just pretty, it's really pretty," says Sue Huston. It was also a great day, for some people to enjoy their drive around town. "It's beautiful, like his car, that blue one," says Larry Ooten, who was enjoying driving his old Ford in Denison.

With a cold front set to come through, the taste of summer was one some people enjoyed while it lasted. "Here's the cheap gas I find, so you can afford to go anywhere," says Huston.