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OHP Troopers work to keep fatal accidents down


BRYAN COUNTY, OK - It's their job to keep drivers safe on Oklahoma Highways, but there's a lot of misconceptions about the motivation for highway patrol officers who pull people over, including whether or not they get incentives to give more tickets.

We road a long with an OHP Trooper to get an inside look.

Getting pulled over is never fun.

"My first thought is, my parents are going to kill me."

"What did I do that I didn't realize I was doing?"

Most people say being stopped by a State Trooper is more intimidating, especially since there's little chance you'll drive off without a ticket.

"Nobody likes to be held accountable, but that's our job."

While many drivers believe troopers get incentives to give more tickets, troopers say it's not what people think.

"Just like any other job you have an evaluation system, the public likes to say that's a quota, well it's not a quota, quotas are illegal."

OHP Trooper, James Reinecker, says they're not required to give a certain number of tickets, but they are held accountable for making contact with drivers who violate the law.

So when you see them in your rear view mirror, troopers say pull over and be patient, because just as you may be rushing somewhere they also have a job to do and their number one priority is to keep everyone on the road safe.

We went along for a ride with trooper Reincker for a closer look.

Not everyone appreciates what they do, like this man here.

He's getting a ticket for not wearing his seat belt, a violation they can't give a warning for.

"Sometimes the infraction deserves a citation."

Contrary to popular belief, troopers don't always give tickets sometimes they give warnings depending on the circumstances.

But either one you get, Reinecker says, it's for your own good.

"We may never be thanked for it, and we may never know about it, but a lot of us do this because we believe we are making a difference, even if we don't see it," said Reinecker.