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The OSBI Awards Carter County Dive Team


CARTER COUNTY, OK-- The Carter County Dive Team received two awards from the OSBI who say their hard work and dedication helped solve a Garvin County murder case.

31-year-old Justin Hammer is charged with killing and cutting up his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend's body, pouring his body into cement filled buckets, and then dumping them into a pond.

Fred Tinsley is the chief of the dive team and said it's a hard job, but someone has to do it.

"This is something someone has to do and not a lot of people are willing to do it. I have a lot of people that contact us thinking we're just a club that goes out diving, until I explain to them what we are and what we do. A lot of them don't want any part of it," Tinsley said.

OSBI Director Stan Florence said the Carter County Dive Team worked very hard and for that they deserve this award.

"We think they're very deserving of this work. We think it's vital that we recognize them because without their assistance, I would venture out to say that this would have been a very difficult case to have at least filed charges on," Florence said.

There are 16-members on the Carter County Dive Team,  all of which work voluntarily to help the community.

Brian Tinsley said he's so thankful that their hard work was recognized.

"We go out on a lot of dives and to actually be recognized by the OSBI, for them to take time out their day and their busy schedules to come down and present it to us, it's a good feeling," Tinsley said.

 Sheriff Ken Grace said he's also grateful for the Carter County Dive Team.

"I'm so very fortunate to have a team like this that have the equipment and dedication that these people have," Grace said.