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Blake Shelton Raises Money for His Community


TISHOMINGO, OK-- The Blake Shelton Fundraising Concert, Thursday night, is expected to raise more than $30,000 and people we talked to said they were excited to help others.

"I come out because I really admire what Blake and Miranda are doing in this small town and I come to support  them because they're definitely supporting us,  the whole town and the community, " says Connie Mason of Coleman, Oklahoma.

And Blake hasn't just drawn a crowd for the concert,  residents say the fact that he and Miranda live in Tishomingo has definitely put the small town on the map.

Angie Rogers of Richardson, Texas says, "It's neat to see it be more alive than when we would come here."

"On both sides of the street, you know, lots of times it'll be full  a lot of Texas tags, out of state tags-- Arizona, Missouri just everywhere, we're excited, " adds Mason.

Murray State College President, Joy McDaniels agrees, "Everything that they have done has been a tremendous economic boost to the community. Our sales tax revenues are up and it's just been a blessing."

McDaniel says the benefit will help four organizations in Johnston County, one of which is a fund that Shelton and  Lambert set up several years ago to help pay for scholarships for students at the college,

"We plan to add the money that is earned from this benefit to their scholarship fund that they've set up in our foundation for our students," says McDaniels.

The scholarships help students pay for tuition, fees and books.

The concert will also help three Johnston County Volunteer Fire Departments  Ravia,  Milburn and Tishomingo.

Tishomingo Captain Danny Walker says it's a blessing and couldn't have come at a better time, "We're in the process right now, the preliminary stages, of designing a new fire department and trying to get grant funding to pay for it and so every little bit helps. "

Overall, everyone we talked to, said Blake and Miranda couldn't be better neighbors!

"They have been very helpful to the community, they have brought in a lot of people and just   really enhanced the town, " says Murray.