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Bennington Man Killed In Overnight Shooting At House


BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- A man was shot and killed when investigators say he kicked in the door of a home in the Wade community in what neighbors say they believe was a domestic dispute.

It was nighttime in Wade, when gun shots went off at a house at 14 Main Street. "After I heard the gunshots, about 30 minutes to an hour later the lights, police was here," says neighbor George Ned.

Ned says he watched as he says two deputies cars arrived, and finally, a helicopter. "About 1:30, the ambulance transported the body to the helicopter, helicopter started to leave it got about so high, then came back down," he says.

According to OSBI, which assisted deputies, Parker Tyson, 27, kicked in the door to the house, and that's when someone shot him. Neighbors say Tyson's ex-wife lives at the house.

"He had all of his pressed shirts, his pressed jeans, his cowboy boots was all stacked neatly right there at the steps," says neighbor Keith Hopkins. "It was obvious that she wanted him to leave."

Both were armed with handguns, and when Tyson showed up around 12:30 a.m., that is when he was shot several times, according to OSBI.

"His son rides on the tractor with him, yeah he's real outgoing," says Bennington resident Tristan Dellinger.

"It's a surprise, well on her part of it, and with him, because he wasn't around, supposed to be around, as far as I knew," says neighbor Carey Gilbert.

According to state records, Tyson was released from prison two years ago, after serving time for an accident where his car hit a pedestrian.

One neighbor remembers when a younger Tyson came to his door to ask his blessing to date his daughter.  "He was wanting to ask permission if he could and at that time he ended up leaving because she was only 15 and I wouldn't allow that," says Hopkins.

Tyson was pronounced dead at MCSO in Durant at 2:24 a.m. The investigation continues and no arrests have been made.