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Madill Teacher Receives "Teacher of The Year" Award


MADILL, OK-- It's a prestigious award and each year teachers and staff look forward to voting for the year's top teacher. This year a fifth grade history teacher took the title of "Teacher of The Year."

Teri McDaniel is a fifth grade teacher at Madill elementary. This is her first year to receive the award and said she's honored.

McDaniel said she credits the honor to her passion for history.

"I have a passion for history. I love just to read history, and I think that my passion, energy, and enthusiasm, overflows into the classroom," said McDaniel.

Her energy in the classroom grabs the attention of all her students. Student Raylee Conn said Mrs. McDaniel is definitely one of her favorites.

"I love history and I've had a lot of history, but I've never seen it like the way she teaches it. She makes history come alive!," Conn said.

Student Asa Robertson said not only is Mrs. McDaniel's class fun, but he even likes her challenging tests.

"She works hard and she makes tests that really make you think, they're challenging," said Robertson.

Superintendent Jon Tuck said the voting is done by teachers at the school. He said it starts off like a survey where there's a list of teachers, and staff can go and vote.

The list is narrowed down to four and a teacher wins the award based on votes.