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Sherman Man Says Someone Tried To Blow Up Car


SHERMAN, TX -- It was late at night when a man says he opened the door, and saw someone trying to set blow up his relative's car.

The man tells us he happened to notice what was going on in time to catch someone putting a burning bandana into the gas tank, and luckily they had something to put the fire out before it spread any further.

"He was wearing a black hoodie and had a rag on his face and he just took off running," says victim Diego Eguia. "After that I couldn't chase him, all I could do is put it out."

The commotion around 1 a.m Tuesday startled his sister-in-law, who was worried about the three children in the home, Eguia said.

"The first thing I was thinking was of my kids. My little girl's room is right here beside the car and the police said it would have got on fire this one and then that one and then the house," says Reyna Eguia.

"I see him took off running and after that I didn't see anything else. They were waiting for him on that corner, then after that, they took off," says Diego Eguia.

Firefighters told the family it was very lucky they had fire extinguishers, otherwise there could have been a lot more damage.

"The small one, it was gone, so he came back outside and got the bigger one," says Reyna Eguia. After hearing her brother's calls about the burning car, Reyna says her husband sprayed the contents of a fire extinguisher and put the flames out.

"It disturbs me. There's a lot of mischief going on around here," says neighbor Billie Kim.

Neighbors say the trailer park off Texoma Parkway and 691 is usually quiet. As police investigate, Diego Eguia says he is convinced the incident is connected to a Saturday night argument at a Colbert strip club where he says someone headbutted him in the nose.

"We got into a fight with some dude and I guess they brought it over here to the house," says Diego Eguia.

Police are investigating whether there is any connection between two incidents. The family plans to have a mechanic come and see if the car can be fixed.