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Floating homes subdivision being built on Lake Texoma


POTTSBORO, TX -- Where cars are parked outside a typical home, instead, you'll find a boat at Harbor Village at Flowing Wells Resort in Pottsboro.

Boat slips are built in with the purchase of a home at the community, which will be the first floating subdivision in Texas.

Mike and Theresa Walter recently purchased a lot.

Workers are expected to complete construction of their home in April and will use a barge to pull it to its lot.

"We launch the home similar to the way you would a boat, down the dock, then we push it around and they're tied into the master dock," said Rusty Wilson, sales manager at Harbor Village.

The homes are secured to a concrete boardwalk and kept afloat by 32 sticks of capsulated foam attached to the bottom.

Waterfront homes on Lake Texoma can cost upwards of $400,000, but the floating homes cost between $247,000 and $297,000. Two and three bedroom floor plans are available.

Andrea Bedell is a real estate agent for the properties.

She says finding a home on Lake Texoma within that price range is rare.

"This has actually filled that void," she said. "It's presented people with an opportunity for people to buy on the water, not just a waterfront, but on the water."

As of March, only one other home besides a model home were docked at Harbor Village. But, Bedell says 12 out of the 150 homes planned for the community have been pre-sold. Construction began in January. Build-out is expected to take several years to complete.

Mike and Theresa Walter say they're looking forward to moving in.

"It's completely different and we know we're jumping in head first, but we think we're going to love it," Theresa Walter said.