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Ardmore High School Warns Students about Underage Drinking


ARDMORE, OK-- Statistics show hundreds of people under the age of 21, die each year during prom season in the U.S. in alcohol related car accidents.

Several senior students at Ardmore High School sat and listened as Principal Kim Holland talked to them about the importance of being safe on prom night.

This is the first year the school will have several churches open their doors for the students to go to after prom where they can continue their fun, safely.

"We want our kids to have healthy opportunities and options. So the idea of them having a place to go to extend all that fun and all that emotion that takes place when it's your senior prom," said Holland.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, every 90 minutes a teen dies as a result of drinking alcohol.

Senior student Beautiful-Joy Fields said she thinks the alternative option for students this year is a great idea.

"I think it's an excellent step because prom and graduation night are great times and some kids take that to a whole extreme, and I think that their precautions about Ardmore high school student's safety is necessary," said Fields.

Foreign exchange student Laura Soerenson said prom season is way different for her in Europe, but said she likes the excitement.

"We don't have prom the same way as you do. It's smaller and not as big as it is here," Soerensen said.

CPT. Ronnie Hampton said there are several consequences for underage drinkers.

"Those people would face incarceration for 6 hours after they either take a breath test, or have their blood taken. The other thing is they also have their cars impounded. They're required to have a device put on if they want to get a provisional license to make it back and forth to school or work," Hampton said.