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Local Gym Looking For Participants for SUCCESS Challenge


DENISON, TX--- Millions of Americans set life and fitness goals each year, but all too often they fall short. Now, one local gym is trying to help. Starting next week, the Nautilus gym in Denison will be hosting SUCCESS, a contest aimed not only at loosing weight, but making better lifestyle choices as well.

"The ultimate goal for the SUCCESS training program is giving people a better outlook on how to live their life healthier and to give them a successful work out plan," employee Rod Rosser said.

Contestants will be broken up and placed into different teams. Each team will receive a trainer who will train and teach them their secrets to success. The contest will last for seven weeks and competitors will participate in 18 training sessions.

Each week will be focused around a different way to be successful. At the end of each week, trainers and competitors will choose one person out of each team who will compete in a one minute competition for a weekly prize.

The winner of the weekly challenges will be based off of who is improving the most. On the last day of the challenge, trainers and competitors will vote on one grand prize winner from the weekly winners.