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Local Man's Online Identity Stolen


DENISON, TX---More than 40 million Americans have tried online dating. Many people sign up looking to find true love connections, but how do you know that the person behind the picture is real?

Adam Nicely said he was shocked when he found his pictures and personal details on dating websites that he never signed up for. He said he has no idea why he was targeted or how this even happened.

If you type his name into the dating websites, you'll find profiles claiming to be Nicely. Some of the information and pictures used in them are real, but Nicely didn't create them.  

"People get their identities stolen constantly," Nicely said. "Computers and phones get hacked so it's no surprise that this happened. I just never expected it would be me."

He said he found the fake profiles after searching his username that he uses for other social media websites.

"I found two dating sites in particular that I have no idea how I got on there," Nicely said.

Profile pictures and information had been taken off of his social media websites and then used on the online dating profiles. He said some of the information listed on the profile is true and some is not.  

"I am 5'9, but I do not weigh 180 pounds and I do not live in Dallas," Nicely said.

He said he's not sure how long the fake profiles have been up and is concerned because he doesn't know how to take them down.

"To think that someone could take that information about you and then reuse it on their website for whatever reason is a little bit weird," Nicely said.

Monarch I.T. Technology Director Brian Walker said it's pretty much impossible to get these profiles down once they've been created, but that you can take steps to prevent it from happening in the first place.

"Make sure your privacy settings on these social media websites are set appropriately," Walker said.

However, Walker said the only surefire way to protect yourself is to avoid signing up on social media websites all together.