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Ardmore Church Locked Out from Service


ARDMORE, OK-- Members said the locks were changed and no one was told there wouldn't be services on Sunday at Sunrise Baptist Church.

Pastor Steven Horn said problems started when he asked trustee Monroe Cose for bank statements to try and regulate church funding's after he noticed documents of miscellaneous spending's. That's when he said things between Cose and four other deacons, got heated.

"We've had some problems with them so we voted them out, and so after we voted them out they said they voted the pastor out. Four of them voted the pastor out without going before the congregation or anything of that nature and they're saying I'm no longer pastor and that they own the building," Pastor Horn said.

Cose accused the pastor of trying to steal church funds. The congregation said that's not true and they voted Monroe Cose out of the church for his out burst behavior.

We tried to talk with Cose but he refused and stated we were on his property in which police said is very well public.

The congregation is standing behind their pastor. They said he only wanted to help the church grow.

"The congregation voted him out because of the conduct you saw earlier when he tried to take your camera. That's what we've been going through for seven years and we've been trying to get along with him and have peace in the service, but that's the kind of thing we go through and eventually it led to where we had no choice but to vote them out so we could advance as a church," Pastor Horn said.

Despite the controversy, the congregation held church service in a bus.